5 challenges and 5 parenting tips for working parents

Feb23,20228min read

In the current scenario, most of the families have both parents working. You can call it the demand of the situation or just a way of living. And with equal opportunities for both genders in employment, this is becoming a norm. And works really well when both the partners can help each other and share each other’s responsibilities. But when these partners turn into parents, the various hurdles that they have to cross are many. Some of the major challenges that working parents have to face are as under -

Challenges for working parents -

1. Tight schedule -

A common complaint you get from a working parent is lack of time. A working parent is always running out of time.

2. Juggling and maintaining work-life balance -

Parenting itself is a full-time job. And on top of it when you are working, then it is a circus. Juggling between the job and parenting is definitely exhausting.

3. The guilt trip -

Most working parents suffer from the following guilt.

  • Nutrition - Because of lack of time, they sometimes have to compromise on what they eat.
  • Moral values - They think they are hardly available to imbibe these values in their kids
  • Excessive use of gadgets - As they are not around much, kids spend more time with gadgets
  • Bonding - They also feel that the bonding is getting affected due to their working schedule.

4. Challenges faced by mothers at the workplace -

especially when it comes to a woman, she is judged on the following parameters -

  • Leaving the baby and going to work.
  • Her dedication towards work as a new parent.

5. Health -

Working parents, while multitasking, often forgets to take care of their own needs and it starts taking a toll on their health. It affects them both mentally and physically as they hardly get any time for themselves.

Parenting tips for working parents and child care-

Child care for working parents can be made easier with below-mentioned parenting tips -

1. Work-life balance -

Be realistic and set boundaries for yourself. Know what you want and what is more important for you. Prioritize accordingly and life would be much easier.

2. Establish a strong support system -

Get help - be it from your immediate family or your extended family. It can also be from outside. For example, find a good and reliable babysitter. Or lookout for a daycare that has good records in child care.

3. Engage the kids in meaningful extracurricular activity -

When you know you cannot be with the child for long hours, involve your child in a good activity. Know the interests of your child and this will help your child pursue the activity with all the passion.

4. Do not procrastinate your work -

When you are tired you want to put off the things for tomorrow. But this will only bring in more chaos. Instead, stay organized and finish off your work as you have planned. So that your day starts on a good note.

5. Quality, not quantity matters -

Child care for working parents should not come with guilt. It is understood that you as a working parent are not able to spend a good amount of time with your kids. You must know that rather than how much what matters is how you spend that time with them.

Bonus parenting tip - Take care of yourself as you cannot expect your kids to take care of you. For more parenting tips on child care for working parents, please subscribe to our blog.

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