How to choose the best primary school for your child?

Aug 4,20228min read

What is a primary school? And why is it important?

Primary education is the start of the first formal education in a child’s life after passing out from a preschool or kindergarten. Generally, primary education is divided in two stages namely - lower primary education and upper primary education.

The lower primary schooling comprises classes I to IV and upper primary schools refers to classes V to VIII. The upper primary school is also commonly known as middle school.

Choosing the right primary school for your child will decide whether your child will thrive or just survive. Every parent will want their child to thrive and prosper in life.

Schooling is a crucial part of a child’s life. Hence, they must enjoy going to school.

You know your child is at the right place when you see your child eager to go to school and is happy at the end of the day as well. You can see your child progressing in all the core areas of development if your selection goes right.

But, choosing the best primary school requires a lot of planning and preparation. Generally, the tangible aspects of the school are given more importance. These tangibles include the school infrastructure, libraries, laboratories, school buildings, furniture etc. These aspects do matter.

But, the intangible aspects generally go unnoticed. And in fact, they are the ones that can actually impact the well-being of your child. And hence, these aspects definitely deserve equal importance.

Below mentioned factors will help you understand more about the intangible aspects related to the school and also how they matter. It will also assist you in choosing the best primary schools in Kolkata.

How to choose a school for your child?

1. Know your child’s needs -

Every child has unique needs, capabilities, likes and dislikes. It is important to consider these requirements before selecting a school for your child. Nurture your child, establish a strong bond and know your child before you decide on the right primary school for him. Below mentioned questions will help you get a better understanding -

  • What motivates your child?
  • What is his learning style?
  • Are there any behavioural, mental or physical challenges involved?
  • What are his interests?
  • Is there any hobby that he wants to pursue?

Once you have this information, it will be easy for you to select a school for your child. Try to identify which of these factors require more attention while selecting the right primary school for your child.

2. Proximity -

A good school with a good reputation and quality education is something that every parent wants for their child. But the proximity of the school also matters a lot.

Your child will be travelling every day to school for the next 10-12 years. However, if the child spends too much time travelling, it is bound to impact him negatively. It will make him more tired which will also affect his attention span.

Moreover, the time that the child would have otherwise invested in pursuing a hobby or exercising will now be wasted on travelling. A nearby school will contribute positively to the health and happiness of your child.

You can also check out Buzzapp, a school search platform to know more about the best primary schools located near you. It is a trusted school search platform where you can explore and compare schools.

3. School environment -

When children start primary school, they are fairly young. The well-being of such young kids is primarily dependent on the school environment. A good primary school knows how to foster an environment to bring in a much-needed sense of safety and security.

A warm and welcoming culture will help the child to feel comfortable even though it is the first exposure for him away from home. Thus, it is important to ensure that the school environment should foster positive and healthy relationships.

For a learning experience to be meaningful, it is important to have meaningful social experiences as well. Only then the child will be motivated to inquire, explore and learn.

To know about the school environment you can visit Kolkata schools for a better understanding. Rather than going directly to the school, you can book an appointment with the school representatives using Buzzapp.

You can also check with them if they offer a guided tour. If yes, visit the school to get first-hand information on how the school is handling its students.

You can also prepare a list of questions based on the concerns you have regarding the school. You can refer to the following points before you make a list of your questions.

Points to consider before visiting a primary school for admission.

  • What is the size of the class?
  • How are safety issues addressed?
  • How does the school deal with students that are gifted or have learning difficulties?
  • How comfortable is the relationship between the teachers and the kids?
  • What is the lunch policy of the school?
  • How do teachers keep themselves updated?
  • How do they handle a child when he is homesick or upset?
  • How do they handle the kids that have good grades, bad grades or those that lie in the middle?
  • How do they address bullying?
  • How do they manage the communication between the school and the parents?

Try finding answers to the above-mentioned questions. Some of these questions can be addressed directly by the school. For the remaining questions, you will have to observe and analyse. Just keep your eyes and ears open.

4. School performance

Generally, the performance of the school is always associated with the grades of the students. Higher the grades, better the school. However, it is important to go beyond the grades and focus on the holistic development of the child.

Along with good grades, the child must have positive experiences. A good school will focus on the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the kid.

A good primary school will also ensure that the teachers and the school staff are happy working in the school. Care would be taken to offer professional development opportunities to them which will reflect in their work. In the end, a happy teacher will always create a happy and engaging environment in the class.

Download Buzzapp to know more about the school ratings and reviews posted by fellow parents. This will give you a glimpse of how the school is performing and whether it is a good fit for the child.

A right primary school plays a significant role in providing opportunities for your child to succeed in life. A parent cannot let this decision go wrong in any case.

Buzzapp is a dependable platform for school searches where parents can compare various primary schools and select the one that is right for their child. They can also get notified about the admission dates of the school that they have selected. And once the school is open for admission, they can also apply for admission through Buzzapp.

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