Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar, Kolkata: Admission 2023-24, Curriculum, Facilities, Procedure, Fees

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Mahadevi Birla Sishu Vihar, located in Ballygunj, Kolkata, is a prestigious ICSE school founded in 1946. Initially, the school was established by the late Sarala Birla as a playschool for her son. Over the years, the school has become synonymous with quality education and is known for providing students with a comprehensive and holistic learning experience.

The institution places a significant emphasis on the development of students' morals and character, and it offers an atmosphere that fosters the students' intellectual development as well as their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. To ensure that students receive the very best education possible, the faculty is comprised of individuals who have extensive experience as well as a high level of professional qualification. These individuals employ creative and interesting methods of instruction.

In conclusion, Mahadevi Birla Sishu Vihar is a school that provides a challenging and supportive environment where students can grow and develop their full potential. It is a school that truly prepares its students for life in the 21st century.


The school is affiliated with the Board of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi. They approach teaching with a holistic view and periodically adjust to global research and teaching methods, thereby paving the way for our students to participate in academic sessions that are interactive and interesting on a scholarly level. 


Primary Level (Lower Infant & Upper Infant)

  • English
  • Number Work
  • Music & Dance, Art & Craft

Classes I to II

  • English
  • Vernacular (Hindi/Bengali)
  • Value Education, Arts & Crafts, Physical Training (PT) & Music
  • Environmental Science
  • Chess (Compulsory)
  • Dance and Number

Classes III to V:

  • English
  • Vernacular (Hindi/Bengali)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Computer Science, General Knowledge, Arts & Crafts, Physical Training, Dance & Music
  • Chess (Compulsory for class III)

Classes VI to VIII:

  • English
  • Vernacular (Hindi/Bengali)
  • History & Civics
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
  • Art & Craft, Computer Science & Value Education
  • Physical Education

Additional Third Language options for Classes V to VIII:

  • Lower Hindi/ Lower Bengali /Sanskrit

Classes IX and X (ICSE SUBJECTS) :

  • English
  • Vernacular (Hindi/Bengali)
  • Mathematics
  • History & Civics
  • Geography
  • Mathematics

Options A (any one subject)

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) / Commercial Studies / Environmental Studies

Options B (any one subject)

  • Computer Applications / Commercial Application / Economic Application / Home Science / Fashion Studies / Art / Environmental Application

Classes XI and XII (ISC Section):

Students are required to study English as a compulsory subject.

  • Science: (Morning Section)
  • Commerce: (Morning & Day Section)
  • Humanities: (Morning Section)


Tinker Lab Activities:

Tinker lab classes give students the opportunity to foster their natural curiosity and develop skills relevant to the 21st century while working on creative projects that make use of technology.

Sports Facilities

Every student is given the opportunity and encouraged to participate in a regular, integral part of the curriculum that is centered on sports and games as early on as possible. Under the direction of coaches, students can participate in activities such as badminton, karate, taekwondo, volleyball, and table tennis.

Interactive Smartboards

 Young students find it easier to adjust to the more interactive and intelligent classes as a result of the classrooms being outfitted with the most recent electronic smart boards.

Computer-Aided Learning

The student's ability to learn is facilitated by the school's well-equipped computer labs. Early access to learning the fundamentals of computer technology has become increasingly important as a result of the rapid shift toward the use of online classrooms.


The school's laboratories are equipped with world-class facilities and cutting-edge technology, making them competitive with those found in any credible research institution.

School Libraries

Their library is well-equipped with many books.

Victorian, and Asian literature, can foster the growth of a healthy reading habit in young minds by providing access to a wide variety of literary works.

Medical & Mental Health Support

Any child who requires medical attention can access either a skilled full-time nurse or a doctor on call through the school's well-equipped and staffed sick room in the event of an emergency.

School Transport

School buses are available on a variety of routes and are fitted with surveillance cameras as well as GPS tracking systems.

Admission process:

The admission process at Mahadevi Birla Sishu Vihar generally involves the following steps:

  1. Inquiry: Prospective parents can contact the school for more information or visit the school's website.
  2. Registration: The next step is to register for admission by submitting the registration form along with the required documents.
  3. Interaction/Interview: The school may also schedule an interaction or interview with the child and the parents.
  4. Selection: Based on the entrance test, interaction, and availability of seats, the school will offer admission to eligible candidates.

Fee Structure:

The detailed fee structure of Mahadevi Birla Sishu Vihar can be accessed by downloading Buzzapp, a school-searching app. Buzzapp is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that provides in-depth information on schools, including their fee structure.

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