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Parenting is an age-old concept. But with the changing time this concept has also undergone a major transformation. Today, every parent wants to raise a child who is more independent, confident, kind and successful in his own terms. And in an attempt to achieve this, parents come up with all possible ways to ensure that they don’t fail in this endeavor as there is not going to be a second chance again. One such way is modern parenting. Let us try and understand this concept -

What is modern parenting?

In simple terms, modern day parenting is a flexible way of raising a child. Every child is unique with unique talents and needs. Considering this, the mental wellbeing of a child takes the center stage in this approach. Children are given more say in the decision making, however they are not allowed to set the entire tone. Healthy rules are set down with mutual consent.

How is modern parenting different from traditional parenting?

Traditional parenting is a more rigid way of raising a child. In this approach, parents feel the right to set the rules and enforce them as well. In the case of non-adherence, punishment is a routine. Discipline is an intrinsic part of this type of parenting.

However as discussed above, in contemporary parenting, independence, child involvement, connection, bonding and making memories is given more importance.

Modern Day Parenting Techniques -

Parenting is a tight rope walk that has become all the more difficult with today’s demanding situations. Most modernized families have both parents working. Even the family dynamics have changed. It is no more a typical traditional family anymore. In a modern family, parents may be together or divorced, siblings can have common parents or may not as well. It is very complex and hence the challenges are much more.

In these backbreaking situations, striking a balance between priorities and expectations is important. To make this possible, the following tips can be of great help -

  • Nurture your relationship. Connect with your children and empathize with their feelings. Play with them. Take out dedicated time for them and spend quality time with them. Let them know and feel that you are there to guide them through.
  • Let them make mistakes and help them learn through these mistakes.
  • Discipline is important but so is the mental well being of the child.
  • Rules are essential but sometimes it is alright to break them as long as they have no major consequences.
  • Acknowledge good behavior and recognize the efforts put in.

Modern parenting style -

Basically, there are 4 types of parenting styles. These are as under -

1. Authoritarian parenting style -

This style of parenting involves little or no say from the child’s side. Decisions and rules are made by the parent and the child is expected to follow them. This type of parenting style is characterized by strict discipline and punishment when things don’t go as per the laid down rules. A child’s interests and emotional needs take a backseat in this style.

2. Authoritative parenting style -

This involves two-way communication where the child can raise concerns and freely express emotions without any fear. Clear rules are set and children are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. Natural consequences form the basis of learning from mistakes.

3. Permissive parenting style-

Here, generally, the child sets the tone of the family. The child drives what and how things are to be done. The happiness of the child is considered more important. Rules can be enforced on another day - philosophy is adopted. The child enjoys full freedom in decision making with less or no say from the parents part.

4. Neglectful parenting style -

In this style of parenting, parents are ignorant of their child’s needs and interests. They are hardly available for guidance. They are also indifferent to their child’s social and psychological well being. There are no set rules and hence no enforcements as well.

The modern style of parenting stems from the combination of authoritative and permissive styles of parenting. In this style, parents get the opportunity to play the role of both - a guide and a friend. This style ensures that the parents are available for their children without much hovering over them. This helps in building strong bonds within the family, more transparency, more communication leading to more respect and trust.

Raising a child in itself is a big responsibility. And parenting along with today’s demanding situation is easier said than done. To be a successful parent, it is important to set the expectations right and be realistic. Only then is it possible to comprehend which style or combination of styles will help you accomplish your parenting goals?

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