Primary Schools Admissions 2023-2024 - A Complete Guide

Jan 31, 20238min read

Primary education is one of the important driving factors in boosting growth and development in children. Finding the right school during primary admission for your child will prepare him for future challenges. It lays a foundation where kids learn to form their opinions and respect others as well.

When exposed to the right school environment, they learn the art of socializing, interacting, sharing, and playing with the other kids. Not only this, but good schools focus on the overall development of the children, and hence it is necessary to look for a good school for primary admissions for your child.

Thus, here is a complete guide to assist you with hassle-free primary school admissions.

How to apply for primary schools admissions

apply for primary admission

With so many parents applying for admission, the school enrolment procedure is not as simple as it used to be. These days parents are required to apply to multiple schools for primary school admission of their child because of the increasing competition.

Thus, you can opt for any of the following ways to fill up the application form for primary admission to the schools that you have selected.

Offline procedure

Parents can directly contact or visit the concerned school that they have selected for primary admission for their child. After that, they can submit the filled admission application form at the school counter. But this process is very tedious and time-consuming when it comes to applying to various schools for primary admission.

Online procedure

Being one of the simpler ways, all you have to do is download Buzzapp, (a trusted school search platform) and apply to as many schools as you have selected. 

With Buzzapp, you can search, shortlist and apply to various schools in one go with the help of the smart form. You can also keep track of the status of the admission applications. 

How to track the important dates for primary schools admissions?


Due to a lack of uniformity in the cut-off dates of various schools, different schools have different dates when it comes to primary admissions. In such a scenario, parents are expected to keep a continuous tab on the school website to track the admission deadlines. 

However, with the help of school search platforms like Buzzapp, parents can set an alert to get a notification whenever the school is open for admission.

How to know the eligibility criteria for primary schools admissions?

It is always recommended that before applying to any school for primary admissions, parents must check the eligibility criteria requirements. The eligibility criteria are generally based on educational qualifications and the age of the child. 

However, different schools may have different requirements. And to know more about the individual school, it is advisable to check with the respective schools. 

What is the age criterion for primary school admissions?

According to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the minimum age for admission to Class 1 is 6 years. Even, according to the Right to Education Act, the minimum age for entry to class 1 is 6 years or more than that. 

However, there is a possibility of variation in this criteria based on the state and the school policy. It is best to check the age eligibility of the child with the respective school. Or you can directly schedule an appointment with the school representative through Buzzapp and get your queries answered.

What documents are required for primary schools admissions?

Required Documents for Primary Admission

Most of the schools require the below-mentioned documents for primary admissions. However, this will again depend on the school that you want to apply to. 

  1. Copy of the birth certificate of the child
  2. Passport-size photographs of the child
  3. Copy of child’s Aadhar card 
  4. Copy of vaccination record of the child
  5. Medical fitness certificate of the child
  6. The admission application form
  7. The most recent school records of the child
  8. Pedagogical reports if applicable
  9. Transfer letter of the child if applicable
  10. Proof of scholarship if applicable
  11. Identity proof of the parents or the guardian (valid passport, driver’s license, Voter I-card, or Aadhar card)
  12. Domicile certificate of the child or the parents
  13. Address proof (copy of electricity bill, water bill, phone bill, or any rental agreement )
  14. Recent passport-size photograph of the parents or the guardian

Preparation for Primary School admissions interviews

Primary admission interview

Many private schools generally conduct interviews once the application for primary admission is shortlisted. The parents and child, both are expected to attend the interview process. 

Most primary schools in Kolkata also conduct such interviews to know more about the applicant. The intent behind this is to know where the child stands in his developmental journey. Thus, the questions asked to the child are mostly dependent on the education level. 

Parents also are required to undergo this procedure and hence are expected to be prepared for it. Some of the commonly asked questions for parents will include the following areas

  1. Reason for choosing the school
  2. Employment status and financial capability
  3. Special needs of the child if any
  4. Family setup - nuclear or joint family
  5. Anything important that the school should know

 These questions are only for reference and the list of questions may change as per the school’s requirements. There are certain things that the parents must consider while answering these questions. They are mentioned below.

Answer the questions in brief 

Keep your answer short and relevant. This will help you save your and the school’s time. And this will also prevent you from giving up unnecessary information to the school. 

Avoid controversial topics 

Do not get into topics that may start a debate or an argument. 

Be honest 

As it is regarding primary schools admissions, there is a high possibility that the child will spend a significant amount of time with this school. Thus, answer all the questions honestly by giving out accurate information. 

When the school knows everything accurately about the child, they are in a better position to help the child with his learning requirements.

Do not fill in for your child 

When your child is getting interviewed, avoid the urge to answer the questions on his behalf. The basic reason why the school is interviewing your child is that they want to know more about the child from the child himself. 

By interrupting your child or the interviewer, you are only going to make the evaluation process more difficult.

Listen to the interviewer 

When your interviewer is speaking, do not interrupt. Respect the interviewer, let them finish, and only after that put forth your query or your point.

In this entire procedure, just remember that you are preparing a background for your child. So be respectful, humble, and honest.

Thus, searching for the right school for your child’s primary admission can definitely be a trying time for the parents. But with a proper approach and preparation, it is easily achievable. 

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