St Augustine's Day School, Barrackpore: Admission 2023-24, Curriculum, Facilities, Procedure, Fees

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St. Augustine's Day School in Barrackpore is a highly esteemed and well-established educational institution that is affiliated with the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The institution is renowned for its academic excellence, experienced faculty, and variety of extracurricular activities.

St. Augustine's Day School has been committed to fostering young minds and preparing them to excel in their respective fields for several decades. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an education that goes beyond academics and focuses on their overall development.

The school has many facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, science labs, and libraries, and offers classes from Nursery to Class 12. The sprawling campus provides students with a secure and conducive learning environment.

Students at St. Augustine's Day School are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, dance, and theatre. The school has a team of dedicated teachers who mentor students and assist them in developing their talents and abilities.

St. Augustine's Day School is an institution that takes pride in its dedication to academic excellence, holistic education, and the overall development of its students. It is an excellent option for parents seeking a comprehensive education for their children.


St. Augustine's Day School, Barrackpore, is a school affiliated with the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) that offers a comprehensive curriculum from Nursery through Class 12. The curriculum of the school is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges of the modern world and instills in them a sense of moral and social responsibility.

The school follows the ICSE board's curriculum for Nursery to Class 10, which emphasizes a strong foundation in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Languages (Hindi and Bengali). In addition to these subjects, the school also offers co-curricular activities such as Physical Education, Arts and crafts, Music, Dance, and Drama, to promote the development of a well-rounded personality in students.

The curriculum for Classes 11 and 12 is governed by the Indian School Certificate (ISC) board, which offers Science, Commerce, and Humanities as electives. The Science stream includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics, and Computer Science, whereas the Commerce stream consists of Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and Mathematics. History, political science, sociology, psychology, economics, and mathematics are included in the Humanities stream.


  • Designed especially Montessori classrooms for Early Childhood through Grade 1
  • Spacious, environmentally friendly, colorful, and equipped with the proper learning equipment and furniture.
  • Activity rooms for pre-primary schoolchildren to facilitate enjoyable learning.
  • Labs for computers, science, geography, and mathematics for junior and senior high students.
  • A room containing both western and eastern classical instruments for singing.
  • The space for Classical dance.

Admission process:

Children of 2.6 years of age, or those who will turn 2 years and 6 months old by April 1st of the school year of admission, are eligible for admission to the nursery. Here is the admission process of the school: 

  1. Application form: Parents or guardians interested in admitting their child to St. Augustine's Day School must first obtain an application form. The form can be obtained from the school office or downloaded from the school's website.
  2. Submission of the application: The completed application form must be submitted to the school office along with the required documents such as a birth certificate, passport-size photograph, and academic transcripts (if applicable).
  3. Entrance exam: Once the application is submitted, the student will be required to appear for an entrance exam. The exam is designed to assess the student's aptitude, general knowledge, and academic ability.
  4. Interaction with the school authorities: After the entrance exam, parents and students will be called for an interaction with the school authorities. During this interaction, the school authorities will discuss the student's performance in the entrance exam, and also provide information about the school's curriculum, facilities, and policies.
  5. Admission decision: The admission decision is made by the school's admission committee, based on the student's performance in the entrance exam and the interaction with the school authorities. The school will communicate the admission decision to the parents/guardians through email or phone.
  6. Payment of fees: Once the admission is confirmed, parents/guardians are required to pay the admission fees and the first installment of the tuition fees within the specified time frame.

Overall, the admission process at St. Augustine's Day School is designed to ensure that the school admits students who are capable of meeting the academic standards and who will benefit from the school's educational program.

Fee Structure:

St Augustine's Day School offers a fee structure that ensures students from all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to a quality education. The school's fees are designed to accommodate both local and international students, making it an ideal option for families seeking a well-rounded education at an affordable price. Download Buzzapp to view the complete pricing structure.

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