St. Thomas Church School, Howrah: Admission 2023-24, Curriculum, Procedure, Fees

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St. Thomas Church School is a reputable academic institution that offers a rigorous academic curriculum to students of all ages. With a focus on spiritual and moral development, the school encourages the growth of each individual student by fostering a caring and accepting atmosphere.

Rev. Dr. William Spencer, Chaplain of St. Thomas' Church, founded St. Thomas Church School in Howrah in 1860 for Anglo-Indian children of Howrah. The school is administered by the CNI Diocese of Calcutta.

Currently, the school accepts students of all castes, creeds, and religions. The objective is to empower and educate students. The goal is to give their dreams and ideas wings or to help them to turn their ideas into reality.

It believes that education should extend beyond textbooks and classrooms. It insists on understanding and gaining knowledge from the real world. The institution has achieved academic and extracurricular distinction for 150 years.

Address: 3, Church Road, Howrah-711101 West Bengal, India


The St. Thomas Church School in Howrah is an affiliate of CISCE. Nursery through 10th grade adheres to the ICSE requirements for the curriculum, while 11th and 12th grade adheres to the ISC guidelines.

The school provides two options for senior secondary education:-

  1. Science (PCB and PCM)
  2. Commerce

The Science stream includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English, whereas the Commerce stream includes Accountancy, Finance, Economics, and Mathematics.

Both streams give students a firm grounding in the core concepts and principles of their respective areas and prepare them for advanced study and professions in these fields. The school includes well-equipped laboratories and knowledgeable lecturers to aid pupils in their topic comprehension. The curriculum also incorporates extracurricular activities, sports, and community service in order to support students' overall growth.


The school provides different facilities for the development of student qualities. The school provides the following facilities: -

  • Library- A vast collection of books at the senior secondary school's library. It encourages pupils to develop a reading and learning routine.
  • Laboratories - St. Thomas Church School has labs for all subjects to help students better comprehend the concepts.
  • Here is a list of laboratories: Home Science Laboratory - Physics Laboratory - Chemistry Laboratory - Biology Laboratory - Home Science Laboratory
  • Computer Lab - The school's lab is equipped with the most recent computers. It is intended to familiarize students with technology and devices.
  • Art Room - Art enthusiasts can study from the top instructors who will guide and assist them in their development.
  • Music room- The music rooms at St. Thomas Church School, Howrah are well-appointed with an assortment of musical instruments.

Admission Process:

  • The admissions procedure for Class 11 at St. Thomas Church School, Howrah depends on the results of the ICSE examination. For entrance to 11th grade, applicants must additionally participate in an interview.
  • Admission to other classes is dependent on the number of available seats in each class. Depending on the admissions committee, several documents are necessary for the procedure.

Fee Structure:

Download Buzzapp to learn more about St. Thomas Church School's fee structure in Howrah. This application will provide you with all the information you need regarding school expenses.

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