The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of extracurricular activities

Feb23,20228min read

As the name itself suggests, extracurricular activity is an activity that is extra than the regular curriculum. Thus the activities that you do apart from the set academic curriculum can be considered as extracurricular activities. These activities can include sports, arts, community service etc.

In today’s era of competition, only academics is not enough. A child needs an all rounded development to lead a satisfied and successful life. This is where after-school activities come into the picture.

Why are extracurricular activities important for school students?

Co-curricular activities help in developing the following crucial life skills -

1. Social skills -

When kids are involved in these activities, they tend to interact a lot with other kids which helps them understand how to deal and behave in social situations.

2. Leadership skills -

While pursuing a hobby when a kid takes a leadership role, it promotes people management skills, anger management, finding out ways to achieve the set goals and much more.

3. Team spirit -

This is especially true when a kid chooses sport or games as a co-curricular activity. When they work in a team, they know what teamwork is and how crucial it is in achieving the end objective.

4. Multitasking -

Pursuing an activity along with studies naturally leads to kids juggling multiple things together. When an assignment and a football match both are important, kids learn how to prioritize things and accomplish both activities.

5. Time management -

When kids want to make time for other activities, they know how to finish their homework on time. They realize the importance of time and develop the habit of managing things within the set time.

6. Better opportunities -

Extracurricular activities not only act as a fruitful time off from studies but also work as a great addition to your resume. Universities, as well as employers, prefer students who have a good record in after-school activities.

How to choose extracurricular activities for kids?

So now comes the million dollar question - how to know which activity will enhance your child’s personality. For this, you can assess the following factors and then make an informed decision.

1. Know their interests -

First and foremost, whatever activity you choose should be something that the child should look forward to. It should capture the child’s interest. This will ensure that the child will commit to this activity and pursue it with passion.

2. Know how will it influence the kid -

The activity needs to be demanding, a little difficult so that it becomes exciting for the child. This also gives an opportunity to the child to step out of the comfort zone and accept challenges. You can also look for an activity that will help in developing certain skills in your child which you may think is missing in your child.

3. Usefulness -

It will be a cherry on the cake if the activity you have zeroed in on turns out to be useful for your child as far as future prospects are involved.

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