Top 6 Parenting Skills Every New Parent Should Have

Feb25,20228min read

Someone has rightly said, “Once a parent, always a parent”. Parenting is not just bringing a life into this world, but it is an unending process that starts from childbirth and continues till the parent exits. Parenting can have a major impact on the lives of all the parties involved, especially the child. Positive parenting skills can have a long-lasting effect on the holistic development of a child.

Children acquire most of the life skills from the early interaction that they have with their parents or their primary caregivers. Good parenting methods can positively impact the behavioral skills, cognitive skills, motor skills and language skills as well.

Parenting skills for newborn and infants

A quality parenting routine particularly goes a long way as far as babies are concerned. This is because babies have to undergo a major transition from the safe environment of the womb to the outside world. A new-born depends on its primary caregiver for everything. Nourishing and raising a child requires a lot of effort and expertise on a parent’s part. Below mentioned child care tips can make a parent child relationship more engaging -

1. Patience, patience and patience -

New-borns and infants are going to test your patience for sure, although not deliberately. With them, nothing goes as per the plan. There can be last minute delays, cancellations, or surprises. They are going to be messy, fussy, and sometimes difficult. This all can be overwhelming. The key to it is patience. Try not to scream or yell. Always remind yourself – This too shall pass.

2. Communicate –

Talk to your bundle of joy. Although they can hardly relate to it, still communicate to them. Read books to them, sing lullabies and dance with them. This helps them develop language skills and helps you bond better. Take out dedicated time only for them.

3. Discipline –

Yes, it might be too early to use this term in their context. However, some basics won’t harm as far as right parenting techniques are involved.

  • Follow a proper schedule as far as meals and sleep is concerned. This helps them understand what to expect.
  • Limit their screen time. Many experts are of the opinion that babies below 18 months of age should not be allowed any screen apart from occasional video calls.

4. Express your love to them –

We all love our innocent little charmers. But it is equally important to often express it to them. Cuddle them, hold them, and love them. Praise them and celebrate when they achieve their milestones. Make them feel they are important.

5. Interact and give undivided attention to them -

Time is the most crucial factor responsible for bonding. Kids want to be heard. They would want to express their feelings, fears, and other emotions. They need time with their family more than anything else. Long, deep, and meaningful interactions can create wonders for them.

6. Love yourself –

In the end don’t be hard on yourself. There are going to be situations when things would feel like they are falling apart. But have faith in yourself. Trust your instinct. You need to first love yourself to spread that love to your loved ones.

Parenting skill activities -

  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Eating meals together
  • Watching movies together on weekends
  • Reading to them or reading with them

Play and learning goes hand in hand for kids. So, make the most of it and spend quality time together.

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