Why should one opt for CBSE board schools in Kolkata?

CBSE board schools in Kolkata -

The CBSE board schools in Kolkata follow the curriculum and the guidelines put forth by the CBSE Board. The CBSE board is a national level board which is one of the most popular boards of education in India.

The CBSE board or the Central Board of Secondary Education was established with the sole motive of providing quality education that will foster the holistic development of the children. The main reason for its establishment was to address the educational needs of the children whose parents worked for the central government and had transferable jobs.

However, the CBSE board schools started gaining more popularity because of their commitment to its student-friendly learning methodologies and providing an environment for the teacher to update their teaching skills and knowledge. Let us look at the reasons for increasing acceptance for CBSE board schools in Kolkata.

Reasons for choosing a CBSE board school in Kolkata.

1. Student-centric curriculum -

The CBSE board curriculum emphasises stress-free education where the interest of the child takes the centre stage.

Considering the student’s well-being, the CBSE syllabus provides learning opportunities such that it helps in the development of various life skills which are essential for better learning outcomes.

The CBSE curriculum is designed in a way that helps in the development of critical thinking skills, creative thinking, leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

As more and more schools are getting affiliated with the CBSE board in Kolkata, its popularity itself shows how superior it is when it comes to a child’s learning and development. Check out list of schools in Barrackpore with CBSE affiliated schools. And, if you are looking for a complete list of all CBSE schools in Kolkata, download Buzzapp.

Competent teachers -

The CBSE board schools in Kolkata provide frequent and periodical training to its teachers to keep them updated with the ever-changing needs of education.

These training programs help the teachers in improving their skills and competencies which is necessary for effective teaching and management of the class.

It also assists the teacher to know about the current trends and what works best to keep the students motivated for learning.

2. Prepares the base for various entrance exams -

The CBSE curriculum is developed in such a manner that the students are automatically prepared for the national level entrance examination.

The CBSE board lays more emphasis on Maths and Science. It also keeps updating and redesigning the content frequently to make it relevant to the changing scenario. But the entrance exam may vary for play schools in Kolkata as well as primary schools in Kolkata.

Moreover, the CBSE schools in Kolkata focus on building the creative and critical thinking abilities of the children. Due to this, the children know how to approach a problem and solve it.

3. Best suited for parents with transferable jobs-

Uniformity is one of the special attributes of the CBSE board. Various schools are affiliated with the CBSE board in Kolkata as well as in the entire nation. Due to this, in the case of a transferable job, it is easier to find a school with a CBSE board in any city that you shift to.

For a balanced and well-rounded development, CBSE is undoubtedly the most preferred curriculum across the nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the last date of admission for CBSE schools in Kolkata?

The last date of admission varies from school to school for various CBSE schools in Kolkata. However, with Buzzapp you are notified of the admission deadlines and can also track the status of the school application.

2. What documents are required for admission to CBSE schools in Kolkata?

Most of the CBSE schools in Kolkata generally need a photo and the identity proof of the parents along with the birth certificate of the child. Also, while filling the admission application on Buzzapp you will get the entire list of documents required for admission to various CBSE schools in Kolkata.

3. Where can I get the entire list of CBSE schools in Kolkata?

Although there are so many good CBSE schools in Kolkata, finding the right fit for your child is a challenging task. By , you can find the complete list of CBSE schools in Kolkata. You can also check various primary schools in Kolkata that provides CBSE board of education.

4. What are the facilities provided by CBSE schools in Kolkata?

Most of the CBSE schools in Kolkata have good infrastructure, bus facilities, libraries, laboratories etc. For more information on individual schools, you can always visit Buzzapp..

5. What are the admission criteria for CBSE schools in Kolkata?

CBSE schools in Kolkata generally accept students from 3 years of age for admission to the nursery class. But this may differ from school to school. You can find the eligibility criteria of individual CBSE schools in Kolkata on Buzzapp. But the documents required for admission may vary from primary schools to higher secondary schools in Kolkata.

6. How to select the best CBSE school in Kolkata?

Fees and the location of the school are the major criteria for most parents when selecting a CBSE school in Kolkata. Apart from this, the other factors include infrastructure, fees, reviews etc.