Why are ICSE schools in Kolkata on the rise?

ICSE schools in Kolkata

The ICSE board schools in Kolkata follow the curriculum and the guidelines put forth by the CISCE or the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination.

In fact, ICSE is not a board but it is an examination which is conducted by the CISCE. But still, the schools that come under the purview of CISCE are commonly referred to as the ICSE board schools.

The increasing popularity of ICSE schools in Kolkata has made it necessary for parents to know more about it before coming to any conclusion. The below mentioned factors will help you understand the reasons for the increasing acceptance of the ICSE schools in Kolkata.

Reasons to choose the ICSE schools in Kolkata -

1. Practical and comprehensive syllabus -

ICSE board schools in Kolkata are known to have a comprehensive syllabus which makes the structure and expectations clear to the students.

The curriculum is developed such that it is age appropriate and progresses accordingly. Also, to address the unique learning styles of every child, various strategies are used which include case studies, field trips, role plays, project works, hands-on experiences, etc.

As a child progresses from one class to another, an attempt is made to revisit some of the previous topics with greater depth and complexity. Due to this, the existing knowledge acts as a base when the new knowledge is added.

The curriculum followed by the best ICSE board schools in Kolkata also adopts an integrated approach. Due to this, the child can connect and correlate various topics and the related information within and across various subjects. In simple terms, it is a holistic way of learning where subject imposed boundaries are not prevalent.

2. Weightage on practicals

Many best ICSE schools in Kolkata aim for the holistic development of the students hence they follow a practical approach to learning.

More than rote learning, the syllabus emphasises application based learning where students are encouraged to apply their classroom knowledge. This helps the students in developing critical thinking skills which gives them an edge over the students.

The practical approach helps the students with a better understanding of the concepts and quick learning. It also helps them express their thoughts and ideas effectively.

3. Flexibility -

The flexibility of the curriculum is one of the most important aspects of ICSE schools in Kolkata. The curriculum that these schools adopt provides them with the flexibility to make changes and adapt the curriculum according to their own requirements or the needs of the child.

It also gives flexibility to teachers to make changes according to regional, socio economic, or geographical circumstances. It also allows the teacher to gauge the aptitude and interest of the students involved and adapt accordingly.

4. Well recognised across the globe -

The ICSE syllabus lays more emphasis on the English language. Moreover, the syllabus is designed such that the needs of foreign universities are easily met.

Even many foreign universities now recognise the ICSE certificate as equivalent to their high school exam.

Due to this, admission to any of the best ICSE schools in Kolkata will be an ideal choice for parents who want their children to study abroad in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the admission procedure start for ICSE schools in Kolkata?

The admission deadline for ICSE schools in Kolkata may vary from school to school. However, with Buzzapp, you can track the application process and get notified regarding the important admission dates.

2. What are the facilities provided by ICSE schools in Kolkata?

Most ICSE schools in Kolkata are known to have good infrastructure, bus facilities, well-stocked libraries, well-equipped laboratories etc. You can get more information on individual ICSE schools in Kolkata by downloading .

3. How can I compare different ICSE schools in Kolkata?

To understand which school will address the learning needs of your child, it is necessary to compare the schools and then make the decision. However, to compare the various ICSE schools in Kolkata, it is not easy to visit them physically. Another way to do this effortlessly is to download

4. How can I arrange a campus visit to top ICSE schools in Kolkata?

A visit to the school campus will help you understand the school in detail. With Buzzapp, you can book an appointment with the school representatives of various ICSE schools in Kolkata and plan a visit accordingly..

5. What are the admission criteria for ICSE schools in Kolkata?

The eligibility criteria for admission to various ICSE schools in Kolkata may differ for different schools. You can check the criteria for all the ICSE in schools in Kolkata that you want to target on Buzzapp. But the documents required for admission may vary from primary schools to higher secondary schools in Kolkata..

6. Where and when can I get the admission forms for ICSE schools in Kolkata?

As and when the ICSE schools in Kolkata are open for admission, you can visit them to collect the admission forms. Or else, you can apply to all the ICSE schools in Kolkata that you are targeting in one go with the help of Buzzapp’s smart form.