How to select co-ed schools in Kolkata?

Co ed schools in Kolkata

Co ed schools or co educational schools are the schools where both the gender i.e boys and girls learn and grow together. The reason for the increasing demand for co ed schools in Kolkata is because it provides a learning environment where -

1. Students, particularly boys and girls develop mutual respect for each other.

2. They learn to appreciate their differences and the individual value as well.

3. It leads to an all rounded development where there is no place for gender misconceptions.

To help you select the best co ed school in Kolkata for your child, below mentioned is the list of deciding factors which will help in making the correct decision.

Factors to consider before selecting the best co ed school in Kolkata

1. Learning environment of the school -

A good co ed school should provide a positive and healthy learning environment for its students where the girls and boys compete with each other as well as support each other as and when required.

This leads to better cooperation and learning from each other. Many best coed schools in Kolkata offer such an environment where equality is given more importance and students can easily share their thoughts and ideas with each other without hesitation.

This makes the students ready for real life situations where they are going to be constantly in touch with the opposite gender.

Not only this, many good co ed schools in Kolkata provide an environment where the needs of learners are recognised and are addressed effectively irrespective of their genders.

2. Proximity to school -

The location of the school is important because it is directly linked to the performance of the child. A school that is easily accessible will lead to better attendance and better achievements.

Proximity to the school is one of the major factors when selecting a school because it helps in saving both the time and effort required to reach the school.

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School ratings and reviews -

School rating is another major factor which gives you an insight into school performance. School reviews are an excellent way to know about the overall performance of the school.

It provides the parents with valuable guidance which helps them in selecting the right school for the child. For this, you can talk directly to the parents of the students and get your queries addressed. Or else, you can get access to valuable and genuine reviews posted by parents for various coed schools in Kolkata on Buzzapp.

3. Co curricular activities offered by the school -

Co curricular activities or extracurricular activities help in the holistic development of the child. It helps in stimulating creativity and improving leadership skills and teamwork. It helps the students in the practical application of the knowledge learnt in the classroom.

Many best co ed schools in Kolkata offer a range of extra curricular activities that help the students in identifying and developing their hidden interests and talents. With Buzzapp, you can also search for the best boys schools in Kolkata as well as girls schools in Kolkata.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the facilities provided by co-ed schools in Kolkata?

Not all the co-ed schools in Kolkata offer the same facilities. However, most of the co-educational schools in Kolkata are known to have a good infrastructure, facilities for medical care, a safe and secure campus, etc. For detailed information on individual co-ed schools in Kolkata, you can always visit Buzzapp.

2. What should be the criteria for selecting a co-ed school in Kolkata?

A good school environment, quality teaching and location are major criteria for most parents when they select a co-educational school in Kolkata. Apart from this, the other factors include infrastructure, fees, reviews etc. .

3. What are the different types of school boards available in various co-educational schools in Kolkata?

Various co-ed schools in Kolkata offer multiple school boards like ICSE, CBSE, State board, etc. it is important to select the right school board as it will significantly impact the overall development of your child.

4. When will the admission procedure start for co-ed schools in Kolkata?

The admission window and the admission procedure will differ for different co-ed schools in Kolkata. But with BuzzApp, you can get notified regarding the important dates and status of your school application for the schools that you want to target.

5. How can I apply for admission to co-educational schools in Kolkata?

With Buzzapp, you can search, compare, sort and apply to various co ed schools in Kolkata as per your requirement. Moreover, you will not have to visit the school for the admission form. Girls & boys can also be very supportive in a single-gender schools so check the eligibility criteria for various girls schools in Kolkata as well as boys schools in Kolkata.

6. How can I arrange for a campus visit to top co-ed schools in Kolkata?

Visiting the co-ed schools in Kolkata will help you understand whether the school is fit for your child or not. And to visit the schools, you can book an appointment with the school representatives by downloading .