How to select a girl`s school in Kolkata?

Girl’s school in Kolkata

The right school can create a big difference in the life of a child. Many best girl’s schools in Kolkata strive to create this difference by focussing on the holistic development of their students.

A good school also provides learning opportunities that can contribute to better stability and financial security in future. Thus, it is important to think carefully before you select the right school for your child. Below is the guide that will assist you to select the best girls’ school in Kolkata.

Factor to consider before selecting the best girls’ school in Kolkata

1. Know what your child wants -

Before you look into the facilities provided by various girls’ schools in Kolkata, it is important to know what your child prefers and what her needs are. Some kids might prefer a more structured environment, others might not.

Apart from this, different children have different learning styles. These learning styles should also be taken into consideration when you select the school for your child. But in co ed schools in Kolkata, children grow in a blended environment where they learn to respect others.

2. School environment -

A school should foster an environment where creativity is valued and the students are challenged to attain their full potential. The school culture should enable the girls to think and express themselves freely.

This is the very reason why many best girls’ schools in Kolkata focus on developing a sense of leadership, confidence and resilience in their students.

These schools are well aware that a sense of support and safety is necessary for the success of any student. In an attempt to provide such an environment, efforts are put in by the entire community of many top girls’ schools in Kolkata.

These schools also strive to ensure that the girls are ready to face real life situations by engaging in activities that foster self confidence and improved problem solving abilities.

To know about the culture and the environment of various girl’s schools in Kolkata, you can talk to your friends, neighbours, current or former students, etc. Else, within a few clicks, you can get this information based on school reviews by downloading

Here, you can also check the reviews for various co-ed schools in Kolkata.

3. Get detailed information about the school -

Gather as much information as possible about the school. This is necessary because you should know everything about the school that you are planning to finalise. You can think of the below mentioned points -

a. Location -

Location is one of the most important criteria that many parents emphasise. Proximity to school is always better from the student’s as well as parent’s point of view. Because schooling is generally a 10-12 years long commitment.

On Buzzapp, you can find many top girl’s schools in Kolkata near your location.

b. Academics -

Check in depth about the curriculum of the school. Talk to the school representatives about the learning styles and methods adopted at the school. Get information about how they address the children with learning difficulties. Also, inquire regarding the assessments undertaken to evaluate the performance of the students.

d. Extracurricular activities -

The curriculum is another important factor which should be taken into account. But, apart from the core curriculum, know what are the extracurricular activities offered by the various girl’s schools in Kolkata. Extracurricular activities are essential for the overall development of the child. So this aspect of learning cannot be ignored or compromised.

e. Quality teachers -

It is important to know about the teachers because their qualifications and experience also matter. A good, qualified and professional teacher will always ensure that the students have a positive learning experience.

Thus, many good girl’s schools in Kolkata provide training opportunities for their teachers to keep them updated with the changing needs of education.

The above mentioned factors will come in handy for you in your decision making. For this information you can visit the school and get first-hand experience. And, with Buzzapp, you can book appointments with the representatives of various girls’ schools in Kolkata.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the last date of admission to girls’ schools in Kolkata?

The last date of admission for various girls’ schools in Kolkata varies from school to school. However, with Buzzapp you are notified of the admission deadlines and can also track the status of the school application..

2. What are the facilities provided by girls’ schools in Kolkata?

Most of the girls’ schools in Kolkata have good infrastructure, bus facilities, libraries, laboratories etc. These schools also strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the holistic development of their students. .

3. How to select the best girls’ school in Kolkata?

A safe and secure learning environment, location and the school board are the major criteria for most parents when they select a girls’ school in Kolkata. Apart from this, the other factors include infrastructure, fees, reviews etc. And you can get informed about all of this on Buzzapp..

4. What are the admission criteria for girls’ schools in Kolkata?

Most girls’ schools in Kolkata generally accept students from 3 years of age for admission to the nursery class. However, the eligibility criteria for girls’ school in Kolkata may vary from school to school. .

5. What documents are required for admission to girls’ schools in Kolkata?

Different girls’ schools in Kolkata may have different requirements. They generally need a photo and the identity proof of the parents along with the birth certificate of the child. You can get more information on this while filling out the admission application for the schools by downloading .

6. How can I know about the environment of the various girls’ schools in Kolkata?

Various girls’ schools in Kolkata are known to have good, safe, secure and positive learning environments. They provide opportunities for their students which helps in developing leadership and problem solving skills. You can find reviews posted by parents for various girls’ schools in Kolkata on Buzzapp. This will give you a better understanding of the school culture and environment. But in Kolkata co ed school children grow in a blended environment where they learn to respect others.