How to select play schools in Kolkata?

Preschools in Kolkata

Preschools play a major role in the growth and development of the child from the early years itself. Many good playschools in Kolkata are well aware of this and strive to keep the young kids engaged and motivated towards learning.

Today, parents are conscious when it comes to schooling and education of their kids. And due to increasing awareness regarding the positive impact of the preschools, more and more parents are opting for good quality preschools.This is very much evident from the increasing number of enrollments in good preschools in Kolkata.

In fact, many researchers have also concluded that preschools are good for the social, physical and emotional well being of the child. But, to maximise the benefits of a preschool, you will have to find the right fit which will cater to your child’s educational needs.

The entire list of schools in Kolkata is available on Buzzapp, with a list of playschool for your easy reference. Inorder to find the best playschool in Kolkata for your child, please refer to the below mentioned factors -

Criteria to select the best preschool in Kolkata -

1. Location -

Location is of prime importance when you select a preschool in Kolkata for your child. You can either opt for a preschool which is near your house or your workplace.

A preschool that is near your house will save the transportation time spent by the child in travelling. And if you choose a preschool near your workplace, you can travel together and can turn transportation time into a quality time spent together.

So, considering your convenience and the child’s comfort, select the location for the preschool.

And once you have finalised your location, you can easily select the nearby play schools on Buzzapp.

2. Check about the safety practices in place

Another crucial aspect to consider is the safety and the security of the child within the preschool premises.

The play equipments, the infrastructure, and the furniture should be child safe. You should also inquire regarding the safety procedures adopted by the preschool in case of any emergencies. Another critical aspect is how the school ensures that the child is in safe hands when the child leaves for home.

Many good preschools in Kolkata have strict safety policies in place and you can know more about them with the help of the below-mentioned points - 3 and 4.

3. Get reviews from the fellow parents -

When it comes to selecting a good preschool for your child, the best way is to know it from fellow parents. Talk to the parents in your area and enquire regarding the playschools.

In case you are looking for quick and reliable parent reviews, you can check about it on Buzzapp. So, just at your fingertips, you can have access to genuine reviews for all the best preschools in Kolkata.

4. Visit the preschool -

Once you have shortlisted the best playschool in Kolkata for your child, visit the preschool. Get first-hand information about the place where your child will be spending a significant amount of his time.

Check with the school representatives if they can help you with a school tour. Keep your questions ready and get all your queries resolved when you visit the school. With Buzzapp, you can also book appointments with the representative of any preschool that you have shortlisted.

For more information about the best preschool in Kolkata, please download

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the admission procedure start in playschools in Kolkata?

The application window for playschools in Kolkata will differ for different preschools. However, Buzzapp can keep you notified of the admission dates and also about the status of your admission application.

2. What should be the criteria for selecting a playschool in Kolkata?

Location is a major criterion for most parents when they select a preschool in Kolkata. Apart from this, the other factors include infrastructure, fees, reviews etc. And you can get informed about all of this on Buzzapp.

3. What are the admission criteria for various playschools in Kolkata?

Most preschools in Kolkata accept kids below the age of 4-5 years. However, the readiness of the child and the parent, both are important before starting with a preschool. For more information, download and book an appointment with the representatives of the preschool that you have shortlisted for admission.

4. How can I apply for admission to playschools in Kolkata?

a. With Buzzapp, you can search for preschools in Kolkata near your location

b. Then, apply to various kindergartens in Kolkata as per your requirement.

c. You can sort these playschools according to your preferences.

d. And then you can apply to all the shortlisted preschools in one go with the help of Buzzapp’s smart form.

5. Where can I find a list of playschools in Kolkata?

The entire list of schools in Kolkata is available on Buzzapp, with a list of playschool for your easy reference. Here, you can also explore the various facilities, curriculam and extracurricular activities offered by these schools

6. How can I know about the qualification of teachers in various playschools in Kolkata?

Many best nursery schools in Kolkata are known to follow the guidelines specified by the regulating bodies. And hence they have good and qualified teaching and non teaching staff. To know more about it, you can book the appointments with the preschool representatives.

7. How can I contact the best playschools in Kolkata?

Once you have shortlisted the best preschools in Kolkata as per your preferences, you can directly visit them. Or another simple way is to book the appointments with school representatives with a few taps on Buzzapp.