How to select primary school in Kolkata for your child?

Primary schools in Kolkata

Primary school education is an integral part of a child’s learning phase. Primary schooling helps a child to grow and develop into a better human being. Taking this into consideration, good primary schools in Kolkata always strive to develop a framework that will impact young minds positively.

As primary schooling will influence the learning ability and the learning attitude of a child, parents must make this decision carefully. To assist you with this, below mentioned factors will help to choose the right primary school in Kolkata for your child.

Tips to select the best primary school in Kolkata

1. Size of the class and student-to-teacher ratio -

A smaller class size means more attention to every student in the class. This leads to more learning opportunities. Students can ask, express and discuss anything freely.

Teachers are also in a position to handle the queries efficiently which will lead to better learning outcomes. Many primary schools in Kolkata maintain an ideal size of the class in order to facilitate a better learning environment.

2. Curriculum -

A good curriculum helps a school offer a structure and a measurable plan which enables the delivery of quality education to the students.

Most primary schools in Kolkata opt for a curriculum that emphasises on holistic development of the child. They believe in ensuring that the learned knowledge is applied practically as well.

This is the very reason why many primary schools in Kolkata offer a range of extracurricular activities which includes music, arts, sports, crafts, etc. With Buzzapp, you can know more about the curriculum and the extracurricular activities provided by various primary schools in Kolkata.

3. Safety, security and the school culture -

The culture of the school can create a direct impact on the mental wellbeing of the child. A positive school culture leads to a child with a positive attitude towards learning.

Positive school culture is possible only if inclusive efforts are made by all the parties involved i.e. the teachers, the students and the school management as well.

Moreover, when it comes to school culture, parents have their own preferences and either opt for CBSE schools in Kolkata or ICSE schools in Kolkata depending on the learning needs of the child.

And many of these primary schools in Kolkata are known to encourage a positive learning environment which is safe and secure where the young kids can easily thrive.

4. Experience and educational qualification of teachers -

Teachers have the ability to effectively influence the lives of students. Teachers not only impact the development of the child but also contribute to shaping their future.

Many good primary schools in Kolkata understand the importance of the role played by teachers in a student`s life. And hence they ensure that their staff has the necessary skills and knowledge. These primary schools in Kolkata also provide professional training opportunities to their teachers in order to keep them updated with the changing needs of learning.

5. Parent teacher collaboration -

Many primary schools in Kolkata want their teachers and parents to work together to create an optimal learning environment for the students. This is the very reason why they believe and strive for parent-teacher collaboration.

This partnership between teachers and parents is very much a need of the hour and if done correctly, it only maximises trust, support and mutual understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best primary schools in Kolkata?

A school that is fit for one child may not be fit for another. Every child has different needs. And parents also have their own preferences when selecting a school for their child. So, accordingly you will have to find a balance and select the best primary school in Kolkata.

2. Where can I access the entire list of primary schools in Kolkata?

As there is no ‘one size fits all’ way to select a school for your child, you will have to consider as many options as possible for selecting the right primary school in Kolkata for your child. Download to access the list of all primary schools in Kolkata where you can also compare these schools based on the facilities that they provide.

3. When will the admission to primary schools in Kolkata start?

It is not easy to keep a tab on the admission dates of various primary schools in Kolkata. However, you can track these important dates and the status of the application with the help of Buzzapp’s Admission Tracker.

4. What are the various types of school boards available in primary schools in Kolkata?

The right type of board will significantly impact the future of your child. Hence it is important to select the right school board for your child before selecting the right primary school in Kolkata. Kolkata offers multiple school boards like ICSE schools, CBSE schools, IB board schools, IGCSE schools, State board schools etc. However, majority prefer CBSE schools in Kolkata.

5. What are the chances of getting admission to a primary school in Kolkata after applying to it?

Applying to a particular school does not guarantee your child’s admission to that school. Thus, parents generally apply to multiple primary schools in Kolkata to ensure that the admission is done.

6. How can I get in touch with the representatives of the primary school in Kolkata that I want to target?

Before admitting your child to a school, it is obvious to have concerns and queries related to schooling. To get in touch with your preferred school, you can schedule an appointment through Buzzapp just with a few clicks.

7. How can I compare the primary schools in Kolkata?

There are various parameters for comparing different primary schools in Kolkata. Parents generally compare these schools based on - fees, infrastructure, type of board, location, etc.