How to search for schools in Kolkata?

Introduction to schools in Kolkata.

Schooling is an important part of a student’s life. A good school will always provide great learning opportunities to its students so that they can flourish and prosper in their lives. A school is the first setting away from the home where kids learn to form their first social relationships. Hence, a school can create a long-lasting impact on the child.

Taking this into consideration, schools in Kolkata aim to provide rich and challenging educational opportunities to their students. This is the very reason why parents strive for the best school for their children. Along with the right school, it is also necessary to decide on the board of education that will meet the educational needs of the child.

Thus, be it about finding the right schools in Kolkata for your child, below mentioned factors can be of great help.

How to find the best school in Kolkata?

Below mentioned factors will help you in selecting the best school for your child in Kolkata -

1. A positive learning environment -

A safe and healthy school environment ensures positive social relationships between children and the teachers. A good school always tries to achieve this as they know its necessity for better learning outcomes.

A good learning environment also requires strict policies in place to address issues related to unacceptable behaviour. Cases of harassment and bullying should be addressed diligently by enforcing strict rules as it can have serious consequences on the mental well being of the students.

And this is the very reason why the schools in Kolkata constantly seek a healthy, safe and caring environment for their students.

2. State-of-the-art infrastructure -

Students spend a maximum amount of their time in school. Hence a school must have a good infrastructure in place. This includes the school buildings, laboratories, libraries, playgrounds, etc. A good infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring positive learning outcomes.

Many schools in Kolkata are known to have good infrastructure in place. You can check out more about these schools on Buzzapp

3. Supportive teachers -

Passionate, skilled and supportive teachers form the backbone of any learning institution. A good teacher always keeps looking for ways to keep the class engaged and the students motivated toward learning.

Also, many good schools in Kolkata provide professional learning opportunities to their teachers so that they are updated with improved teaching skills and knowledge.

4. Student to teacher ratio -

Student to teacher ratio shows the number of students that a teacher attends to in a classroom. It also suggests how worked up the teachers of a particular school are and how available they are to take care of the students.

A lower student to teacher ratio leads to a positive learning environment where teachers have the time and resources to engage with students and address their queries in real time.

It is often seen in traditional classroom settings that the first benchers get all the care and attention and they tend to participate actively in the classroom. But, with an optimal student to teacher ratio, even the back bencher or shy students feel comfortable participating in the classroom who otherwise may feel left out.

Thus, a good student to teacher ratio means more individual attention to all the students which directly impacts their academic performance.

Many good schools in Kolkata are well aware of this and hence they constantly strive for an ideal student to teacher ratio.

5. Clean and organised classroom and school premises -

Hygiene and comfort are essential for any learning setting to be effective. Clean and organised classrooms ensure that the students can focus more on learning. Clean classrooms also prevent the spread of germs which will lead to fewer leaves due to sickness.

Thus, many schools in Kolkata have made it a standard procedure to keep the school premises clean and organised by promoting good hygienic practices in their schools.

6. Transparent communication and collaboration -

Collaboration between schools and parents is absolutely essential for better understanding and connection. This also helps in tracking the progress of the child and taking necessary actions in time.

Most of the schools in Kolkata know the importance of this transparency and frequently conduct parent-teacher meetings.

What are various boards of education available in schools of Kolkata?

There are various boards of education available in Kolkata. You can get the list of top schools in Kolkata with your preferred board on Buzzapp. Every board has its own speciality and learning outcomes.

1. CBSE Schools in Kolkata -

CBSE is the acronym for Central Board of Secondary Education. It was established in 1962 with an intention of providing education to the children of government employees with the transferable nature of jobs.

Many CBSE schools in Kolkata focus on the holistic development of the children, making it one of the most preferred boards of education. And this is the very reason why most parents search for top CBSE schools in Kolkata.

Click here to know the list of top CBSE Schools in Kolkata.

2. CISCE Schools in Kolkata -

The full form of CISCE is Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. It was established in 1958. The ICSE (The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) board which is often referred to as the board of education is not a board but an examination conducted by CISCE for class X. Apart from that, the CISCE also conducts an examination for class XII known as ISC - The Indian School Certificate examination.

Although ICSE is not a board, many parents refer to it as the ICSE board. The ICSE schools in Kolkata focus a lot on practical concepts along with giving equal importance to all the subjects like Science, Language, Arts, etc.

Click here to know the list of top CISCE Schools in Kolkata.

3. State board(WBBSE) Schools in Kolkata -

Every state has its own state board and accordingly a separate syllabus. Thus, there is a possibility of variation in the curriculum from one state to another. Regional language and culture are more emphasised in the state board curriculum.

Similarly, West Bengal Board schools in Kolkata follow the guidelines for education and examinations set by the individual state boards.

Click here to know the list of top WBBSE Schools in Kolkata.

4. International Baccalaureate(IB) Schools in Kolkata -

The IB board or International Baccalaureate was established in 1968. Headquartered in Geneva Switzerland, it was formerly known as International Baccalaureate Organisation or IBO. With an international curriculum, IB provides standard education to all the students studying in IB affiliated schools.

Click here to know the list of top IB Schools in Kolkata.

5. IGCSE Schools in Kolkata -

IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education is again an internationally recognized examination offered by either of the two boards, namely - CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) or Pearson Edexel.

For more information about the schools in Kolkata,

Types of schools in Kolkata

Schools in Kolkata can be divided further based on education structure and gender segregation.

A. Based on the structure of education

1. Preschools in Kolkata -

In Kolkata, preschools generally accept children starting from 2.5 to 3 years of age. The education in preschools which is generally termed pre-primary education continues till the child turns 6 years old.

Many preschools or playschools in Kolkata often offer daycare services as well where the child can stay for extended time beyond school hours. During these extended hours, care is taken to involve children in various activities leading to enhanced physical, social and mental development.

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2. Primary schools in Kolkata-

Generally, primary education in India starts at age 6 and is divided into 2 parts, namely the Lower Primary and Upper Primary or Middle schools. The Lower Primary schools in Kolkata cater to the needs of children from Class I to Class V. Whereas, the Upper Primary schools in Kolkata cater to the needs of children from Class VI to Class VII.

Using the foundation laid down by pre-primary education, primary education builds further to prepare children for upcoming higher stages of education.

Click here to know the list of top Primary schools in Kolkata.

3. Secondary schools in Kolkata-

The secondary schools in Kolkata consist of imparting education to children from Class VIII to Class X. The secondary education level is an intermediate level between primary education and higher secondary education in India.

Secondary education builds further on concepts taught at the primary level and also lays a foundation for higher secondary education.

Click here to know the list of top Secondary schools in Kolkata.

4. Higher Secondary Schools in Kolkata-

The senior secondary or higher secondary schools in Kolkata cater to the needs of students from Class XI to Class XII that are generally aged between 16 to 18 years. With the start of higher secondary schools, students have the flexibility to choose the preferred stream based on which they can pursue their further studies.

Higher secondary education is considered an important phase of a student’s life as it can potentially empower them to explore various career options.

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B. Based on Gender Segregation

Based on gender segregation, the various types of schools in Kolkata can further be categorised as -

1. Co-educational Schools in Kolkata-

Coed schools or co-educational schools in Kolkata are the ones where both genders i.e. males and females are taught together in the classrooms.

Commonly referred to as mixed education, it allows the students to appreciate individual differences and develop respect for each other.

Click here to know the list of top Co-educational Schools in Kolkata.

2. Girls schools in Kolkata-

The increase in demand for girls’ schools in Kolkata is because of the stimulating and challenging environment these schools provide.

Various girls’ schools in Kolkata encourage students to take charge of their situations and attain accomplishments in various spheres of education.

Click here to know the list of top Girls schools in Kolkata.

3. Boys schools in Kolkata-

Similar to a girls’ school, all-boys schools in Kolkata also empower its students to explore their individual potential and personalities.

These schools emphasise the techniques and learning styles that suit the best for boys and help them reach their true potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to search for schools in Kolkata?

There are various criteria that you can consider to search and select a school for your child. Taking into account your personal preferences, you can select schools in Kolkata based on the curriculum, infrastructure, parent’s reviews etc. And all this can be done effortlessly with a few taps on Buzzapp.

2. How to find the board of education offered by various schools in Kolkata?

Board of education plays an important role in the overall development of the child. Once you have made this decision based on the needs of the child, you can decide the board of education and search accordingly on Buzzapp.

3. When does the admission procedure start for schools in Kolkata?

The admission window for schools in Kolkata will differ from school to school. But with Buzzapp, you can stay notified regarding the important dates and status of your school application for all the schools that you want to target. However admission for play schools in Kolkata is open throughout the year provided there is a vacancy.

4. What are the admission criteria for the schools in Kolkata?

Considering the readiness of the child and parents, most schools in Kolkata accept kids below the age of 4-5 years. For more information you can book an appointment with the school representatives by downloading

5. How can I find the list of popular schools in Kolkata by location?

Finding the right school for your child is important but it is equally challenging as well. Proximity to school is one of the preferences that parents always look for. You can sort by distance and find the entire list of top schools in Barrackpore as well as schools in Salt Lake, and many other popular locations through Buzzapp.

6. How can I apply for admission to schools in Kolkata?

a. You can apply to various schools in Kolkata as per your requirement.

b. You can sort the schools according to your preferences on Buzzapp.

c. And then you can apply to all the shortlisted schools in Kolkata in one go with the help of Buzzapp’s smart form.