What are the popular boards of education available in schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata?

Schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata

Schools help a child to acquire the knowledge and skills which will be required life long. And thus, many best schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata ensure that they provide an innovative learning environment for their students.

Different schools in Kolkata provide different boards of education. And as these boards of education cater to different needs of learning, it is important to first assess the needs of the child.

So before selecting the right board of education and the right school for the child, parents must know the difference between the various board schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata and what they offer.

Some of the popular board schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata -

1. CBSE schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata

The full form of CBSE is the Central Board of Secondary Education. The CBSE schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata are affiliated with the CBSE board and follow the NCERT curriculum.

Due to this, the emphasis is on the holistic development of the child where physical and cognitive development are given equal importance.

Another reason for the popularity of CBSE schools in Salt Lake is because of its uniform course structure across the nation which enables easy admission of the students who shift from one state to another.

As CBSE schools in Salt Lake abide by the norms put forth by the CBSE board, they follow an application based syllabus. Moreover, apart from compulsory subjects, students get an opportunity to choose from the optional subjects.

Additionally, in the CBSE board, the focus is more on Mathematics and Science which is good for students who want to prepare for competitive entrance exams in the future.

2. ICSE schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata -

The ICSE schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata come under the purview of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations which is one of the reputed and popular boards in India.

The syllabus offered by the ICSE schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata equip the students with academics as well as life skills which are important for the personal and professional development of the children.

These schools focus on project-based learning along with equal importance to other subjects like arts, language etc. ICSE board is good for those students who want to study abroad in the future as it gives more emphasis on the language.

3. State Board schools in Salt Lake, Kolkata -

State board schools in Salt Lake follow the syllabus according to their state. State Board schools tend to focus on the regional languages and the culture.

Along with being an affordable option, the state board schools offer personalised syllabus according to the concerned state. This is the very reason why different state boards have different subjects.

State Board schools are best for students who want to pursue their career in civil services and want to appear for these examinations.

Apart from this, there are many other boards of education available in Kolkata which include IB, IGCSE, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the facilities provided by schools in Salt Lake?

Most schools in Salt Lake offer good infrastructure, bus facilities, libraries, laboratories etc. These facilities differ from school to school. By downloading , you can get detailed information on individual schools.

2. Where can I get the entire list of schools in Salt Lake? And how will I know which of them is good for my child?

The complete list of schools in Salt Lake is available on Buzzapp. With so many schools in Salt Lake, selecting the right school is not an easy task. For this, you will have to first make a list of your preferences and then you can search accordingly.

3. What are the different types of school boards available in various schools in Salt lake?

The board of education is one of the most important aspects when selecting a school in Salt Lake. The different types of school boards available in various schools in Salt lake include ICSE board, CBSE Board, State boards etc. You can decide the board of education based on the needs of the child and your preference.

4. When will the admission procedure start for schools in Salt lake?

Different schools in Salt Lake will have different admission schedules. But with Buzzapp, you can stay notified regarding the important dates of admission. Plus, you can also track the status of your school admission application..

5. What are the admission criteria for schools in Salt Lake?

The admission criteria for different schools in Kolkata are different. However, generally, most of these schools accept students from 3 years of age for admission to the nursery class. You can check the information for various schools including the age criteria for admission on Buzzapp.

6. How can I apply for admission to schools in Salt Lake?

a. You can search and compare various schools in Salt Lake as per your preferences on Buzzapp.

b. And once shortlisted, you can apply to all the schools that you want to target in one go with the help of Buzzapp’s smart form.

7. What should be the criteria for selecting a school in Salt Lake?

Location, board of education and fees are the major criteria for many parents when selecting a school in Salt Lake. Apart from this, the other factors include infrastructure, school reviews etc. And on Buzzapp you can find all this information.